Meet EvaDrop.

The world's first smart shower device that saves water without compromising your shower experience.

EvaDrop is a smart shower device that saves up to 50% of your water usage, while maintaining an enjoyable shower experience. Features include: a setting that shuts off water flow, prior to you entering the shower, when a desired temperature is reached; a unique sensor system that adjusts the water flow based off your needs and a timer that notifies you when you are taking too long of a shower.

Controlled by our specialized smartphone app, EvaDrop can be calibrated to fit different showers, shower heads and user preferences. The app can also track your water usage, habits and savings; providing you with valuable information that can help you learn and conserve even more. With data from thousands of EvaDrops feeding into the app, you will be able to compare your usage with other users, as well as track the trends and changes in water consumption of the entire EvaDrop community.

Meet EvaDrop Drop Shower

No more wasted water.

The world's first smart shower device that saves water without compromising your shower experience.

EvaDrop begins tracking your water temperature from the moment your shower is turned on. Once the water reaches your desired temperature, EvaDrop shuts off the flow of water and notifies you that your shower is ready; assuring you don’t waste any water.

Water when you need it.

Advanced sensor system automatically adjusts water flow.

When you are directly underneath the shower head, wetting your hair or rinsing off soap, Eva sets your water flow to 100%. Providing you with a strong water flow right when you need it.

When you step away from the shower, shampooing your hair or scrubbing your body, EvaDrop reduces the water flow; still keeping you nice and warm.

When you are further away from the shower, shaving your legs or anything else outside the flow of water, EvaDrop reduces the water even more. Simple and automatic.

Water when you need it
Multi-Alert Notification System

Friendly reminders.

Multi-Altert notification system

Set your desired shower goals and EvaDrop will track, remind and lead you to a more water conscious shower experience.

Multi-Alert Notification System

Control your experience.

Personalize water flow preferences.

EvaDrop can be calibrated for an optimal shower experience, fitting any personal preferences or needs.

Flow Control

EvaDrop works hard so you don't have to

Flow Control

EvaDrop automatically throttles water flow from 0% - 100% and everything in between. Saving water when its not needed, while maintaining an enjoyable shower experience.

Any shower, any size.

EvaDrop seamlessly installs between the wall and shower head.

EvaDrop is designed to work with 90% of showers and shower heads. Using standard 1/2” pipe fittings, EvaDrop is mounted between your wall and shower head. Modern and sleek, Eva looks great in every shower.

Water when you need it
EvaDrop Drop Shower Mobile Application

Mobile App.

Eva learns and so will you.

Free specialized app provides you with comprehensive shower statistics, showing water usage habits and allowing comparison with the EvaDrop community. Helping users learn and discover how to improve their water conservation efforts.

EvaDrop Mobile Application will be available in Apple & Android Markets!
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EvaDrop pays for itself: in one year!

With the average price of water rising and majority of household water waste being in the shower, EvaDrop will be able to pay for itself within a year of use. EvaDrop's affordable price and water saving capabilities will prove to be an investment for the future.