EvaDrop Smart Shower Distributor Interest Questionnaire

Thank you for interest in becoming an Eva Smart Shower distributor, licensee or collaborator. We look forward to learning about you and your organization. As we work hard to complete our campaign and start the manufacturing processes we are going to be evaluating proposals from a range of companies, non-profits and governments from around the world. We encourage only serious and qualified organizations to apply.
Our Mission is to distribute Eva Smart Showers globally to help
in the reduction of water usage around the world.


For interested parties, please fill out our Distributor Interest Questionnaire as a first step. This will help us determine where, how large, and in what format you seek to partner for a license or distribution agreement.

What We Seek

Professional, purposeful, and capable partners to distribute and license the EvaDrop Smart Shower around the world. Each organization with whom we partner must be capable of managing significant growth of the EvaDrop brand, market and position EvaDrop for successful sales and distribution, and scale EvaDrop into significant levels in each region.

How does it work?

Once you submit your application, our team will evaluate the application within 10 days. We will contact applicants with whom we believe a partnership or collaboration would be feasible.

This questionnaire is going to be used to help us select the right distribution partners for the EvaDrop Smart Shower around the world. Submitting your application through this questionnaire in no way endorses, initiates, formalizes, or otherwise codifies a relationship between Forge Innovations LLC, or any of its affiliates and subsidiaries. This questionnaire does not constitute an agreement or any offer for distributorship

Contact Information

Please make sure you provide all direct contact information.

Company Information

Details on your company will help us determine your companies eligibility.

Explain your Business

Please list your Top 5 Product Lines Below

Your company focus for EvaDrop

In years 1, 2, and 3, what is your projection for EvaDrop sales (Please be realistic)

Capital Requirements

Please indicate to us what you would anticipate committing to importing, storing, transporting, marketing, and managing EvaDrop Smart Shower distribution in your territory (in U.S. Dollars).

Projected Marketing Budget

What type of exclusivity are you requesting?

Other Information