Introducing World's First Smart Shower

A smarter way to shower.

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about evadrop

EvaDrop is a smart shower device that
saves up to 50% of your water.

World's First

We are the first smart shower device, designed to help you save water.

Enhanced Shower Experience

Advanced sensor system automatically adjusts water flow customized by you.

Any Shower, Any Size

EvaDrop seamlessly installs between the wall and shower head.


Our device tracks your usage and trends,
and allows users to compare their water savings with others.

  • Set Temperature Preferences

    Water will automatically shut off when your desired temperature is reached.

  • Adjust Waterflow Preferences

    Shower how you want by customizing when to decrease the water flow.

  • Set Timers

    Gamified shower experience by setting timer alerts.

  • Bluetooth Pairing

    Easy to connect with one-time bluetooth pairing.

  • Track Water Usage

    Visibility of your water usage! Track how much water you're saving daily.

  • EvaDrop Community

    Join the thousands saving water and connect EvaDrop to your favorite smart home products!

Sleek & Modern Design

Innovative technology powered with sleek and modern design. Your shower will look new-age and have you feeling sharp every morning.

Advanced Sensor System

With our sensor system, you'll be able to customize your shower settings and change between different water flow levels based upon your location in the shower. Adjustments are made to your preference, allowing for a fluid, optimized shower experience that saves water.

Designed for Every Shower.

EvaDrop is designed to fit any shower and any showerhead. The easy to install, plug and play model, allows you to use your favorite showerhead simply by screwing it on to your new EvaDrop product.

Gamify your Shower

Struggle with getting out of the shower in a timely manner? EvaDrop allows you to set timers. EvaDrop LED lights blink to remind you to get out the shower. With the constant tracking capabilities, you'll be able keep tabs on your shower duration.

How does it work?

Check out this awesome animation
showing how EvaDrop works!

The Founders

Superstar team fighting for water conservation,
and bringing EvaDrop to market!

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